Pacific Asia Museum

If you are near Pasadena, California, visit the the Pacific Asia Museum.

The museum has two interesting exhibits/programs:

MEIJI, JAPAN REDISCOVERED, March 31, 2011-February 26, 2012. This exhibit explores  cultural, artistic and political relationships between post-feudal, after 1868,  Japan and the West. This was  a very dynamic and vibrant time for Japan opening the country up to America and Europe, showcasing the arts of Japan by creating art specifically for export.  At one time work of art from this period was somewhat neglected but  collectors and scholars alike have a new appreciation for the high technical skill  of these art objects.

And  a new book by  Donald Stadtner – SACRED SITES OF BURMA: MYTH AND FOLKLORE IN AN EVOLVING SPIRITUAL REALM; available through amazon. Don Stadtner will give a talk about thee sacred sites at the Pacific Asia Museum on April 10, 2011, at 2:00PM.  There is a dearth of books on the arts of Burma, especially in English.

If you an bear to hear about another record-breaking price for Chinese art – a triptych by Zhang Xiaogang, titled FOREVER LASTING LOVE,  fetched HK $ 79 millions (US $ 10,162,807 ) at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Contemporary Chinese Art auction on April 2nd, more than double its estimate. Sales result for the entire auction came to the equivalent of US $ 54,9 millions, sold on the strength of 105 lots from the collection of Baron Guy Ullens, founder of Beijing’s largest private art museum.  Sotheby’s did not identify the buyer of the painting. Although this painting is extraordinary for a number of reasons, I am in awe of these prices,  and am humbly remembering how long it took for many European paintings to reach stratospheric price ranges.  What will the future hold?
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