125 East 65th Street, NYC
Bronze Age Exhibition from Hunan of about 60 bronze ritual vessels from the Provincial Museum in Changsha. 
Bronze vessels are always difficult to appraise and I normally stay away from them because of so many later renditions. Fortunately I do not encounter them  often from the Shang and Zhou dynasties (ca. 1600 to 256 B.C.). As a rule these vessels conform to certain stylistic models and this makes it more difficult to date to a certain period. When I first saw a photo of  this bronze vessel or Ding  with a human face on all sides I thought that it had to be  later rendition because I have never seen one with a human face. But turns out I am wrong. It is of the period, rare and unique – until archeological excavations in the Yangtze River valley  bring us perhaps another human face vessel.
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