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And has nothing to do with my usual Asian Art Blog but everything with my hometown!
I was born a little too late to have met  the following artists but would have loved to!
They are all represented in a spectacular exhibit featuring works by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka (whom I did meet at his Schule des Sehens), Koloman Moser, Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffman, —- some of them members of the Wiener Sezession. They created dazzling works of art and architecture, art and craft really,  and inspired musicians, designers, philosophers.  Their style was sleek, contemporary, bold, – and everyday objects were transformed into stylish art objects. Turn-of- the century Vienna was a wild time and I am sorry I missed it. 
But if you are like I always looking for new things, you will find somewhat similar examples in Japanese art. Bonham’s recently (March 22, 2011, Fine Japanese Works of Art, NYC) had an auction where striking bronze pieces, mainly vases were offered, all reminiscent of Art Nouveau, created just a little later, and reasonably priced – and most of them did not sell! Perhaps the public does not remember, does not know about it but I find such pieces intriguing and never get tired of looking at them.
Photo shows the curator Agnes Husslein-Arco responsible for the Vienna exhibit next to a Klimt painting.
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