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I receive questions all the time from clients who are looking for items they can afford. Who can compete with Chinese buyers!?
Here are a few items that have sold or are offered for sale that I consider reasonable. I have not inspected any of these pieces, nor do I vouch for accuracy of the descriptions nor do I have any financial relationship with any of the auction houses or dealers I mention. I simply want to illustrate that trends in Asian art go in cycles and if you do not want to compete with Chinese buyers, look for something else. You are not buying for investment or to build your own museum…… you are probably acquiring for the pleasure of the hunt, to handle a piece you desire, to share it, to admire it in your home. 
Keep in mind that fifty years ago, anything more recent than 18th century,  scholars, buyers and collectors alike did not consider worth collecting This was true of Chinese and Japanese art and has changed dramatically since then!  So consider pieces that might be  temporarily out of fashion!
It helps to focus on a few categories and then search the world for the best piece and price you can afford. Via the internet you have access to most auctions. As a dealer I can also help you to sift through the overwhelming information available.  I have dozens of Asian art auction notices come across my desk every week and if I am looking for something for a client- or for myself- then I check them all.  Even smaller auction houses send out notices and one can bid on-line. 
Recently sold:
1. Christie’s New York, March 2011 Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art auction, A cizhou-type brown painted bean-shaped pillow, 12th/13th century, $ 3,000. I always admired the sparse and forceful  lines of Cizhou pottery. 

2. Christie’s London, May 2011 Japanese Art auction, A Showa period (20th century) chased and engraved vase, signed,  equivalent of $ 2,454. 
3. Christie’s New York,  March 2011 Chinese art auction, A Beans & Cricket painting by Ding Yanyong (1902-1978), $ 2,500. If you like black ink paintings, you may want to consider this artist.
4. Eldred’s  offers in their Japanese Art auction, August 23/24, 2011 as lot number 356, A bronze vase, Meiji period, 12 1/2″ high, with relief chidori and incised wave design for $ 400 to $ 600.  The Japanese artists produced wonderful bronze pieces around the turn of the century influenced by Art Nouveaux.
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