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I receive many email messages and photos every day with requests to “help”. To make it easier for you and me, please tell me exactly what you are looking for – do you need a quick look, do you need an insurance or estate  appraisal,  has the piece been damaged, would you like to donate the piece to a museum, would you like to sell the piece? Give me the measurements of the piece; give me provenance information – found yesterday or has been in family for five hundred years; and give me your name. When I respond, please acknowledge  receipt.
I am always glad to help!
  1. james chadwick
    August 15, 2011 at 12:00 am

    I recently bought at auction what I believe to be a Takahashi Setsuro work. While researching it on the web, I found a similar one that has almost identical framing and information tag (Japanese writing) on the back. The signature is “SetsuRo” which looks identical to this one on the web. I live in the Houston area but cant find anyone with the expertise to tell me whether or not I have the real thing. Can you offer any suggestions on who might be able to help me authenticate it?
    If you provide me with your e-mail address, i will send you the pictures.

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