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Fresh from a celebrated tour throughout Japan, Luminous: The Art of Asia will showcase the jewels of Seattle Art Museum’s (SAM) Asian collections, featuring 160 of the museum’s masterpieces including paintings, screens, sculpture, ceramics, stone, wood, lacquer and metal ware. All objects come from the Seattle Art Museum, home to one of the finest collections of Asian art in North America. The exhibition opens on October 13, 2011, marking the first time these objects have been assembled in a major exhibition at SAM Downtown. 
Curated by Japanese art historian Catherine Roche, the objects in Luminous range from 1,500 year-old Buddhist fragments, dazzling golden screens and bold ink paintings to rich Tibetan mandalas, sumptuous Japanese kimonos and gossamer Korean bojagi. A small selection of the museum’s newest acquisitions in contemporary Asian painting, ceramics and photography will also be on view. In addition, the show will open an animated dialogue about art and Asia, beauty and vitality through excerpts of conversations with Do Ho Suh. “What I’m interested in is the common thread that links me to, say, a three-thousand-year-old object. It was beautiful then and it is beautiful now. Can beauty be absolutely free from time, space, and context?” said Do Ho Suh in a conversation with Roche about the exhibition. 
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