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THE FORTRESS/CITADEL OVERLOOKING HERAT (IN WESTERN AFGHANISTAN) rebuilt with help from the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and German and American governments, was officially handed over to the Afghan government in October 2011. With the oldest buildings going back to perhaps Alexander the Great and 330 B.C., part of the battlements and towers still standing date back to the 14th and 15th century after having been rebuilt following the Mongol invasion and destruction. Herat was on the Silk Road and remained a center for politics and culture. In the museum also built with German and American support, books, pottery, paintings and manuscripts can be seen. But everybody worries about the Taliban attacks and disturbances in and around Herat.

I remember when I first went to Afghanistan many decades ago, I could not have done without the books and articles by Nancy Hatch Dupree who has lived (and who still divides her time between Kabul and Peshawar working and writing I recently read) , studied, written, preserved and watched over Kabul, Afghanistan and its heritage, culture and its treasures for over forty years. She was at hand at the opening of the citadel and the museum. See you in Afghanistan!

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