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A recent article in the NYT (October 23rd) highlighted Burmese Artists. It explained that contemporary or modern Burmese art had been slow in developing because of lack of interest, lack of local support and at one time, political censorship. Several galleries were mentioned: 
River Gallery in the old Strand Hotel in Yangon. 
New Treasure Art Gallery, owned by Min Wae Aung; also offering an artist in residency program. 
The painting featured in the NYT  of five monk figures rendered in a somewhat abstract style – that I liked most –  was by Min Wae Aung and it said that his paintings sell for up to $ 20,000 through galleries in Hong Kong, London and Paris. 
Burma has such a rich  Buddhist cultural tradition that one does not expect impressionistic oil paintings, paintings of nudes, and abstract art. Artists have flourished and been censored and neglected but survived, depending on patronage and political  climate  and Burmese art will surely continue to blossom.  What is surprising to me is how frequently Burmese artists seem to exhibit in places like Hong Kong, London and Paris – considering how isolated the country is politically.  But art always finds a way!
This is the link to the article: New Vistas for Burmese Artists
This painting is by Min Wae Aung, titled Monks on the Morning Round, and I found it on dhammaweb.net. It conveys the style I like.
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