If you are in love with  Afghanistan’s  culture, history and people like I am or if you are merely interested in Afghanistan, then I would like to share with you news about a project in Kabul that is going on  despite politics, poverty and uncertainties.  I have always believed that by supporting education and training for  artists, architects, teachers, students,  by  providing an environment where they can create and produce their work, and then connecting them with a global community,  — the culture, the arts, crafts, pride and future of a country can be ensured and  the fight against poverty and disruptions can go forward.

Such is the case with Turquoise Mountain Arts  – http://www.turquoisemountainarts.org/  –  founded under the charities of HRH The  Prince of Wales  establishing an Institute of Traditional Afghan Arts and Architecture together with four craft schools. Please go to their website at

 It includes Jewelry, Calligraphy and Miniature Painting, Woodworking  and  Ceramic schools. Their   website introduces teachers and artists  and their work.  Commissions range from the very small to large projects (like the Embassy library in Tokyo) and Turquoise Mountain encourages you to submit your order for custom work under the BESPOKE menu button.

Be sure and check out the Partners connected with  Turquoise Mountain Arts, – each of them continuing the work with artists, artisans, and crafts people in Afghanistan.

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