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A Distinctive Collection

“A Distinctive Collection”
Shanghai Museum Exhibit
Bamboo Carvings  

China is exclusively famous for utilizing bamboo as a medium in diverse ways including for construction, medicine, cooking, musical instruments, textiles, paper, and wood carving.

Having begun on the 1st of May and finishing on the 30th of June 2012, the Shanghai Museum in Shanghai is presenting a notable exhibition displaying a collection of over 190 bamboo carvings. Pieces from six museums through-out China including the Palace Museum in Beijing, and Nanjing Museum have been borrowed in order to generate an entire history of Chinese bamboo carvings. Three styles of relief (deep, low, and liuqing [skin reserved]) carvings developed in between the Ming Dynasty (when the art form first thrived), and the mid-twentieth century. Each of the three relief styles are featured among the approximate 190 bamboo carvings at the Shanghai Museum. Carvings feature brush and incense holders, scenes of humans, animals, and vegetables, as well as various other subjects.

As China has such an abundant history, I can easily find myself absorbed in the depth of the past that lays within these bamboo carvings. I have only seen pictures from this particular exhibit, however, seeing these marvelous works of art with my own eyes would require my full attention and appreciation as I would be allowed to catch a glimpse of thoughts from long ago that have ceased to exist.

A link to the Shanghai Museum’s website: http://www.shanghaimuseum.net/
Photo taken from http:// www.globaltimes.cn

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