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“A Special Exhibition in Beijing: Journey to Hidden Mongolia” explores an often tucked away world that is filled with cultural landscapes captured by film-maker and photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami. The Hidden Mongolia exhibition opened on the 28th of May 2012, and runs until the 9th of June 2012. The Hidden Mongolia Exhibition presented by the Serindia Gallery, with headquarters in Bangkok,  is currently being held at the Luxembourg Embassy Residence in Beijing.
Sardar-Afkhami’s exhibition travels into northern Mongolia, a place in the world even farther north than the Great Wind. Ancient Greek poets termed territories in the world beyond this Great Wind (identified as the North Wind to Greek civilizations) as Hyperborea. Sardar-Afkhami is noted for being a scholar of the Tibetan and Mongol languages. After graduating from Harvard with his Ph. D., he lived in Nepal and explored Tibet and the Himalayas for over one decade. Upon venturing to outer Mongolia, Sardar-Afkhami decided to focus a collection on the last country in the world to have the majority of its population still comprised of nomads: Mongolia. 
Sardar-Afkhami  has  such an intriguing spirit for traveling through this northern region of Mongolia and exploring one of the most seldom-found life styles on the planet. According to Sardar-Afkhami’s exhibition, an incredible bond exists here between humans and animals. The possibility of seeing this bond and being able to understand even a tiny fraction of it, is deeply interesting to me.
A link to the Mongolia Exhibition website and Serindia Gallery: http://www.issuu.com/serindia-gallery/docs/mongolia-exhibition
Pictures taken from this site.
The China Coast
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