Uli Sigg standing in front of a piece in his collection: “Untitled,” by Fang Lijun.

Former Swiss Ambassador to China (during the mid 1980s) and current deputy chairman of Ringier holding AG (the most substantial media company in Switzerland), Uli Sigg, owns the most comprehensive private collection of Chinese contemporary art in the world. Upon beginning collecting in 1985, and witnessing the growth of Chinese contemporary art since birth, Sigg’s vast collection now spans 1,463 pieces, including works from 350 renowned Chinese artists.

Wang Jie’s “Hong Kong Home for Chinese Art Trove” of the People’s Daily, and “The Collector of Chinese Contemporary Art,” are articles about Sigg’s recent situation involving donating his collection, and his encouragement Chinese contemporary artists.

Establishing the Chinese Contemporary Art Awards (CCAA) himself in 1998, Sigg is currently the only award giving entity in China. Sigg, along with the many Chinese contemporary artists and art enthusiasts, wish to see additional award ceremonies founded by Chinese companies and entrepreneurs — in order to raise the price of the awards, as well as to create a Chinese award for Chinese artists.

Sigg’s fondness for Chinese contemporary art has genuinely helped it evolve to a level of world-recognition. Winner of the 1998 CCAA and internationally renowned artist Zhou Tiehai, mentioned that he would not have been able to purchase his house with out Sigg purchasing his works.

Currently, Sigg has decided to donate his collection to the M+ Museum in Hong Kong — with a scheduled opening in 2017 — as a pre-existing Chinese museum suited for displaying his collection could not be found. Despite talking with European museums, Sigg settled on the idea of donating his assortment of art for display in China, where Chinese people would have un-restricted access to it. M+ Museum, which will host Sigg’s collection and display other venues, will be located in Hong Kong’s pivotal West Kowloon Cultural District. With nearly 60,000 square meters of floor space, M+ Museum will be yet another immense asset to Hong Kong as an international city. I will certainly enjoy to visit M+ Museum upon its opening, and with appreciation for all that Uli Sigg has completed, soon the world will be able to see his full collection.

Here is a link for M+ Museum:

This link is for the online article “Hong Kong Home for Chinese Art Trove”:

This is a link to the online article “The Collector of Chinese Contemporary Art”:



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