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Titles From the C.T. Loo Library Will Be Featured at Christie’s Upcoming Auction

It is always exciting if as an appraiser or dealer, one comes across a piece with C. T. Loo (1880-1957) provenance. He was one of the first and probably the most well known art dealer from China who established his business in Europe. His helped put together several major private and museum collections. He also acted as a consultant to Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller in the early part of the 20th century. I recently came across an article by Yiyou Wang who researched the Rockefeller Archive Center Research Reports Online. Mr. Wang related that there was always fierce and secretive competition between art dealers. Before the 1930s, the well known Duveen brothers were major suppliers of Chinese ceramics to American collectors. Eventually, C. T. Loo took over and procured many pieces.Maybe we can learn more about the man C. T. Loo by learning about the books he kept.

Christie’s auction house is presenting “In Pursuit of Knowledge: A Collection of Asian Art Reference Books” at 20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, commencing at 10:00 a.m. on 13 September (lots 801-929). This Asian art book sale with primarily a Chinese focus, features more than 120 titles which are useful in the study of Asian art, as well as for unearthing the history of collecting in the 20th century. These volumes are from private collections, and offer the opportunity to come across scarcely found and out of print Asian art catalogues, references, academic journals, etc. Price estimates range from $ 500- $ 15,000.

In addition to volumes owned by C.T. Loo, a highlight of this auction include eleven titles showing the private collection of George Eumorfopoulos (1863-1939) — one of the founders of the Oriental Ceramics Society in London. Six of the titles are authored by R. L. Hobson, bearing the title “The George Eumorfopoulos Collection: Catalogue of the Chinese, Corean, and Persian Pottery,” which are estimated to be priced around $ 6,000-$ 8,000. The other five titles are authored by Laurence Binyon, with the title of “The George Eumorfopoulos Collection: Catalogue of the Chinese, Corean, and Siamese Paintings,” which are estimated to be priced around $ 3,000-$ 5,000.

An illustrated catalogue of Chinese Imperial Prince Gong’s spectacular collection (1821-1850) will also be featured at Christie’s auction. This auction catalogue displaying Prince Gong’s magnificent belongings, was published in early March of 1913 and is estimated to sell between $ 4,000-$ 6,000. (Gong is Romanized as “Kung” in Wade-Giles Chinese.)

With an estimated selling price between $ 8,000-$ 10,000, a catalogue entitled “Catalogue of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain,” displays Sir Percival David’s (1892- 1964) private collection of Chinese ceramics. Documented by R. L. Hobson, and published in 1934, David’s collection was thought to be one of the most substantial private collections of his time.

Another prized volume at Christie’s auction, will be the “Catalogue of the International Exhibition of Chinese Art” (1935-1936). This catalogue features the most prestigious Chinese art exhibitions, collections, and works — documented from royal, national (Chinese), and private hands — borrowed from various nations worldwide. The estimated price range for this volume is $ 1,000-$ 2,000.

I am curious to see the outcome of this auction, as there are several intriguing books listed that are virtually unobtainable today!

An online article by Artdaily which discusses Christie’s upcoming auction may be found here: http://www.artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=57133#.UC5bso6gl_c

This is a link for Christie’s online article about the Asian art reference book auction: http://www.christies.com/salelanding/index.aspx?intSaleID=24056


Elisabeth and Natasha

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