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There is so much written and reported about the great tragedy of the earthquake in Nepal. Brutal and tragic and so many lives lost and so many people displaced.  Dina Bangdel,a historian of Himalayan art, specializing in the arts of Nepal, and Director of Art History of Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, and daughter of prominent Nepalese artist Lain Singh Bangdel reports in her article  in the Orientations magazine June 2015 that   in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur some 60 percent of historic monuments in the seven World Heritage sites are completely destroyed or damaged.  Asian Art Newspaper, June 2015 reports that despite that horrible destruction many of the temples are still standing or not totally obliterated and if we help rebuilt them and Nepal’s heritage, tourism can return and bring very badly needed foreign income into the country

I have always found news of  the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Fund (founded 1991), to safeguard the extraordinary artistic and architectural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal  most helpful and informative. Go to their website at  http://www.kvptnepal.org

and learn how you can donate.

There are many  ways to donate – this very extensive list I found through asianart.com. Please help if you can.  

Thank you. http://www.asianart.com/articles/earthquake/links.html

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