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Museum of Fine Arts, Houston until August 19, 2018


Seattle Art Museum, October 18, 2018 to January 19, 2019

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, later

The exhibition with splendid objects mainly from the Mehrangarh Museum Trust and private collections of the royal family of Jodhpur focuses on lavish ceremonial objects, sumptuous jewels, intricately carved furniture, a silver howdah, a monumental 17th century court tent for a durbar, a collection of paintings, arms, jewelry (many pieces from the Al- Sabah Collection, Kuwait,), a stainless steel Rolls-Royce polished to look like silver, – all objects of exquisite taste collected over some five hundred centuries by the rulers of the Marwar-Jodhpur region and the Rathore dynasty that ruled for some 700 years. The exhibit shows physical treasures and also demonstrates the care of the Maharaja of Marwar-Jodhpur GajSingh II with regard to his inherited legacy – land, buildings and people.

Bought the heavy book catalogue with hundreds of photographs and a very welcome glossary !

Go and see!!



peacock in the desert

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