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The Good Heart

dalai lama

A Buddhist Perspective on the Teachings of Jesus

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Wisdom Publications 1996, 2016.

An Interfaith Dialogue with the Dalai Lama and Father Laurence Freeman exploring passages from the gospels during the 1994 John Main Seminar; with special sections on Christian (Laurence Freeman) and Buddhist perspectives (Dalai Lama and Geshe Thupten Jinpa, the Dalai Lama’s interpreter). The seminar is sponsored on a yearly basis by the World Community for Christian Meditation in memory of John Main, the Irish Benedictine monk who founded Christian meditation centers throughout the world.

What I found exciting and uplifting was the acceptance of the religious and spiritual focus in both Buddhism and Christianity, and the acceptance of the differences. The Dalai Lama’s reflections on the gospels and the explanation of Buddhist teachings, always based on his own experience, and about Buddhist and Christian saints, increased my understanding of both religions. I make this sound simple but the writing of the books is sometimes quite scholarly and academic and other times very down to earth- especially when the Dalai Lama is giving examples from his life. I am reading this book slowly and repeatedly.






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Through April 29th!

A free standing building with luminous windows -his final work was unveiled only this past weekend. It is also likely the most ambitious work the American artist ever made: a 2,700-square-foot building loosely modeled after a Romanesque church on the grounds of the Blanton Museum.

Go and see it soon.



Plant sale sponsored by Travis County Master Gardener Association

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Spring is very labor intensive for me -busy with continuing education requirements for my appraisal business but also with my Mastergarden work; after investing in time (three months training by Texas A & M professors) and money; as Mastergardeners we are the volunteer service arm of Travis County Agrilife Extension Service. We have to accumulate educational credits plus many volunteer hours – I concentrate on working in our demonstration garden and working in our greenhouse to grow plants and vegetables to be sold and given away at garden fairs. I love my work!!!

plant sale

March 10th is our big date when we have our plant sale and gardening seminars at Zilker Botanical Garden. There will be no Zilker Garden Fest this year and instead a plant sale will be sponsored by Travis County Master Gardener Association March 10th from 9:00AM to 2:30PM.

We will shares the space with Austin Herb Society, iris Society and Texas Bamboo Society.

Come and see us!!!



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Buddhist Art News

As a subscriber to Buddhist Art News I come across some interesting and unusual articles- thought you might enjoy a few!

Buddhist Art News



Brigitte Willach: “Jean’s Garden”, 2006; on Indonesian cotton.

This caught my attention in the most recent Textiles Asia Journal….

An extraordinary batik artist from Germany who has worked successfully for over twenty years creating batik in naturalistic, impressionistic and recently in abstract fashion has a special love for a group of batik artists – women and men – in central Java who have created very high quality batik in traditional designs, including for the court. The TEXTILES ASIA JOURNAL published in their Many 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1 an article written by Brigitte Willach about the Bimasakti batik group comprising about thirty members in a collective with six leading women.

Too bad I cannot show any photos from this article or give you a link but you can go to and order your copy of the magazine TEXTILES ASIA JOURNAL; the magazine is published three times a year by Bonnie Corwin, and always contains with articles about subject matters, books, exhibitions, reports about textiles from all over Asia you do not find any place else by experts in their respective field. You may be able to buy the magazine at the Textile Museum in Washington,D.C. (remember it is now located at George Washington University on 231st Street,N.W.), Asian Art Museum in SFO, Josh Graham Oriental Textiles in London, Carole Cassidy Lao Textiles in Vientiane.




The Cincinnati Museum of Art has just received the single largest monetary gift  (11.75 million gift) in its history, adding to its collection of South Asian art, and the arts of Greater  Iran and Afghanistan – through the benevolence of Carl and Alice Bimei. The Bimeis collected  paintings including miniature paintings and other South Asian works of art.

Off to Cincinnati!


Archeologists excavated in April and June of 2016 layers  of cities associated with  Indo-Greek, Mauryan and Kushan cultures.
Mauryan settlements dating to the third century BC – think of the great Mauryan king Ashoka, the  grandson of the founder of the dynasty who vigorously promoted Buddhism among other things with carved edicts  on pillars of stone and wood from Bengal  to Afghanistan.  Some of us have admired the great lion capital in Sarnath from a time when episodes  and symbols from Buddha’s life  were portrayed – in this case the lotus and the wheel of law – instead of the later  presentations of Buddha  – seen first in the arts of Gandharan and Mathura.
Archeologists also excavated a large temple with four pillars belonging to the Kushan era, 2nd century BC to second century AD. The Kushans dominated the areas of the Hindu Kush into Kabul, Gandhara, northern Pakistan and north-western India. They controlled the trade between China in the east and the Romans in the west. Under the famous Kushan ruler Kanishka ( 144 to 172 AD) Buddhist settlements flourished including Gandhara with its distinctive Graeco – Buddhist art form that influenced the arts in Central Asia and then China.
I first read about this discovery in Buddhist Art News:
Elisabeth and Natasha