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October 13, 2014 Leave a comment


Chubb Insurance Companies published very useful information in their June 2014 Newsletter about shipping and storing art and antiques.

The article explains what questions you should ask before entrusting your art and antiques to a moving or shipping company even if it is a company specializing in art, antiques, artifacts – questions pertaining to storage facilities, shipping and loan agreements, conditions of facilities (fire protection, climate/humidity control, security), trained staff, employee background checks, emergency plans, etc.

Better to inform yourself before you start shipping.



Treasured Artifacts Returned to Afghanistan

BBC News has written an article explaining a recent recovery of “Looted Afghan Artefacts Returned to Kabul,” in which they explain the current situation in which over 800 artifacts have been returned to Afghanistan since their illegal departure from the country in the 90s.

During the civil war in Afghanistan (1992-1996), 843 artifacts were stolen and looted from the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul,  ended up on the black market, and were then sold to private collectors around the world. One recovered artifact that should be noted, is a stone Buddha statue which is thought to be around 1,800 years old, and was discovered to be located in Japan. Other looted artifacts include intricate ivory carvings and figures of Buddha, some of which are extremely aged at this point.

As more than two-thirds of the exhibits at the National Museum of Afghanistan were destroyed throughout the duration of the civil war, Afghan archaeologists had feared that the looted artifacts would never surface or be returned. However, with the recovery of these deeply anticipated 843 artifacts, a sense of national pride has been restored.

The British Museum in London has assisted in the completed return of this collection of artifacts, as well as British border and police forces. The British Ministry of Defense even flew certain recovered artifacts back to Camp Bastion — their military base located in Afghanistan. It seems special that such a joyous occasion like this has arisen in the world, I feel relief to know that several hundred objects have been returned to their home country, and that other countries have made efforts to assist Afghanistan in the safe return of their ancient treasures. Thank you.

The photo is of the stone Buddha statue that was recovered in Japan.

Here is a website link to the online article by BBC News: